EPSC Announces New Leadership

During its recent Austin, TX meeting, the Energy Producing States Coalition announced Utah Representative Roger Barrus as its new Chairman and Alaska Senator Cathy Giessel as its new Chairman-elect.

Rep. Barrus presented his goals for the group for his term. They included: formalizing collaboration with elected officials through organizations like the Western States Caucus; determining the appropriate messaging so that those opposed to states development of energy resources aren’t the ones defining the debate; increasing the collaboration amongst members on legislation to ensure that when there is a problem, it get’s tackled and solutions are found; create working groups within EPSC to focus on particular issues so that there is on-going work on issues of relevance to the group; and growing the membership and influence of the group.

EPSC appreciates the leadership of Wyoming Speaker-elect Tom Lubnau (pictured right) over the past two years and his continued support of EPSC.