Draft Evaluation Report on the Keystone XL Pipeline

EPSC membership strongly support TransCanada’s revised route through Nebraska, and concurs with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) draft evaluation that the proposed re-route of the Keystone XL pipeline through Nebraska appropriately addresses all concerns raised by Nebraskans and meets or exceeds all environmental, social, and economic standards.  Now that the DEQ and TransCanada have confirmed the safety of this proposed pipeline, EPSC urges the DEQ to promptly finalize its assessment and allow Governor Heineman to approve this route.  Swift action now will allow the U.S. Department of State to permit the full project as expeditiously as possible.

With regard to the environmental impact of the pipeline, the re-route process has clearly and effectively resolved its principal purpose: the avoidance of the environmentally sensitive Sand Hills region and the assurance that the pipeline will not harm the local environment.

The draft evaluation additionally confirms that the Keystone XL project will have positive economic benefits for Nebraskans, including significant job and revenue creation. These conclusions align with several other third-party evaluations that show the Keystone XL project will be a boon for laborers and governments along the pipeline’s corridor.

EPSC strongly encourages the Nebraska DEQ to finalize this draft evaluation and send to Governor Heineman for approval.  Nebraska and the United States stand to benefit significantly from the energy security and economic benefits that this project will bring.

Members of EPSC wrote letters to Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality Director Mike Linder to advocate for the DEQ to finalize the draft evaluation.