Population: 25.7 Million

Energy Production

·         12,852.2 Trillion Btu total energy production

·         531,524 Thousand barrels of crude oil

·         7,112,863 Million cubic feet of natural gas

·         44,904 Thousand short tons of coal

·         33,010 Thousand MWh electricity produced (January 2012)

Energy Consumption

·         12,207 Trillion Btu total energy consumption

·         1,256.9 Million barrels of petroleum

o   289.4 Million barrels of gasoline

·         3,646,491 Million cubic feet of natural gas

·         104,037 Short tons of coal

State Government Profile

Governor: Rick Perry (R): third term; up for reelection in 2014; no term limits


Speaker of the House: Joe Straus (R)

President of the Senate: David Dewhurst (R)

Bicameral body: Both chambers under Republican control

150 House Members: 95 Republicans, 54 Democrats, 1 vacancy

31 Senate Members: 19 Republicans, 12 Democrats


Energy Issues

The state of Texas has been ground zero for the introduction of new legislation and state regulations as new shale plays have been discovered and as oil and gas producers begin their drilling activities. The Barnett and Eagle Ford shale plays continue to produce eminent domain issues, permitting processes and pipeline safety initiatives. Ground and surface water legislation has also been introduced to amend the permitting process and for commercial disposal well permits. There have also been a range of bills introduced that would provide more clarity to both land and mineral rights owners of specific properties  regarding control of which governing bodies, such as municipalities and county governments, should take action when disputes arise.  As customary, a number of tax incentive proposals have been introduced over the past year that would provide more drilling incentives for oil and gas producers. Fracking legislation saw an uptick in a number of measures that were introduced, particularly as it relates to the identification of chemicals that are used throughout the fracking process and to remedies of how to treat groundwater.