North Dakota

    North Dakota  

Population: 700,000

Energy Production

·         1,518.4 Trillion Btu total energy production

·         152,985 Thousand barrels of crude oil

·         97,102 Million cubic feet of natural gas

·         28,231 Thousand short tons of coal

·         3,412 Thousand MWh electricity produced (January 2012)

Energy Consumption

·         526 Trillion Btu total energy consumption

·         33.8 Million barrels of petroleum

o   9.7 Million barrels of gasoline

·         72,463 Million cubic feet of natural gas

·         29,855 Short tons of coal

State Government Profile

Governor: Jack Dalrymple (R): first term; took office in 2010; Governor has no term limits


Speaker of the House: William Devlin (R)

President of the Senate: Drew Wrigley (R)

Bicameral body: Both chambers are Republican controlled

94 House Members: 71 Republicans, 23 Democratic

47 Senate Members: 33 Republicans, 14 Democratic

Energy Issues

The Bakken Shale Play is at the forefront of any potential legislation coming out of the state House and will be for the foreseeable future. Natural gas flares continue to generate discussion with the public, regulators and environmentalists. Environmentalists continue to emphasize how wasteful flares have become. In addition, other issues such as hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling also have caught the eye of state regulators. Hydraulic fracturing and mineral extraction on public lands and Tribal lands is causing state agencies and legislators to take a hard look at the effects it is causing. In addition, the trucking industry is keeping a watchful eye as trucks used to haul oil and gas extractions are causing degradation to private and public lands and have caused an outrage with various citizens and special interest groups.