Population: 4.4 Million

Energy Production

·         2,840.6 Trillion Btu total energy production

·         2,326 Thousand barrels of crude oil

·         124,243 Million cubic feet of natural gas

·         108,971 Thousand short tons of coal

·         98,217,658 Thousand MWh electricity produced electricity

Energy Consumption

·         1,911 Trillion Btu total energy consumption

·         117.0 Million barrels of petroleum

o   51.2 Million barrels of gasoline

·         222,577 Million cubic feet of natural gas

·         43,871 Short tons of coal

State Government Profile

Governor: Steve Beshear (D); second term; expires in 2015; Governor is limited to 2 terms


Speaker of the House: Greg Stumbo (D)

President of the Senate: David Williams (R)


Annual Body: House is under Democratic control; Senate is under Republican control

100 House Members: 55 Democrats, 45 Republicans

38 Senate Members: 23 Republicans, 14 Democrats, 1 Independent


Energy Issues

Recently, legislators have started to focus more attention on the Illinois Basin. Recent successes in the Illinois Basin have led to increased leasing and drilling activity.  Most of the success is attributed to new drilling techniques such as horizontal drilling, particularly in areas previously not thought to be viable. Success has come, however, with a new watchful eye from regulators and legislators. Much of these techniques are being applied to the traditional areas of the Western coal field and South Central Kentucky.  Issues have arisen with regard to the abandonment of old oil wells and what regulations are necessary for containing them. Groundwater issues and how to ensure its safety have also come into focus as horizontal drilling and fracking come more commonplace in the state.