Population: 2.9 Million

Energy production

·         1,390 Trillion Btu total energy production

·         5,877 Thousand barrels crude oil

·         1,072,212 Million cubic feet of natural gas

·         133 Thousand short tons of coal

·         61,000,185 Thousand MWh electricity produced

Energy Consumption

·         1,117 Trillion Btu total energy consumption

·         63.7 Million barrels of petroleum

o   33.7 Million barrels of gasoline

·         283,797 Million cubic feet of natural gas

State Government Profile

Governor: Mike Beebe (D); second term; elected in 2006; Governor is limited to 2 terms


Speaker of the House: Davy Carter (R)

President Pro Tem of the Senate: Michael Lamoureux (R)

Bicameral body: Both chambers are under Republican control

100 House Members: 51 Republicans, 48 Democrats, 1 Independent

35 Senate Members: 21 Republicans, 14 Democrats


Energy Issues

Concerns are rising from environmental groups about the Fayetteville Shale Play. This shale play would not be of any concern if it were not for hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. These techniques have alarmed environmentalists as they continue to keep a watchful eye on the oil and gas industry. Arkansas’s current environmental regulatory scheme relating to oil and gas development is both structurally inefficient and substantively weak, according to environmental watchdog groups. There is so much concern that the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission has banned fracking disposal wells for unconventional gas drilling wastes due to what it believes has caused earthquakes.