Population: 700,000

Energy Production

  • 1,641.9 Trillion Btu total energy production
  • 204,829 Thousand barrels of crude oil
  • 356,225 Million cubic feet of natural gas
  • 2,149 Thousand short tons of coal
  • 6,759,576 Thousand MWh electricity produced

Energy Consumption

  • 638 Trillion Btu total energy consumption
  • 48 Million barrels of petroleum
    • 6.6 Million barrels of gasoline
    • 332.7 Million cubic feet of natural gas
    • 1 Million Short tons of coal

State Government Profile

Governor: Sean Parnell (R): first full term; became Governor in 2009 and elected to full term in 2010; Governor is limited to 2 terms


Speaker of the House: Mike Chenault (R)

President of the Senate: Charlie Huggins (R)

Bicameral body: Both chambers under Republican control

40 House Members: 26 Republicans, 14 Democrats

20 Senate Members: 13 Republicans/7 Democrats

Energy Issues

Recent legislation passed the Senate in April 2012 that encourages more oil and gas drilling through tax incentives in select basins. The legislation is going to the House at the moment for up/down vote. Tax incentives will continue to be a focus of the legislature for the foreseeable future as Alaska aims to attract more major independent companies to Alaska after a downturn in drilling over the last decade.

Other critical legislation being debated in the legislature includes tax incentives to encourage drilling on legacy projects from private and public drilling companies. Debate is also stirring around ANWR at the national level and could quickly become a heated debate in the U.S. Congress.