Population: 4.8 Million

Energy Production

·         1,633 Trillion Btu total energy production

·         8,374 Thousand  Barrels of crude oil

·         195,581 Million cubic feet of natural gas

·         19,381 Thousand short tons of coal

·         152,150,512 Thousand MWh electricity produced

Energy Consumption (all numbers are on an annual basis unless stated otherwise)

·         1,931 Trillion Btu total energy consumption (2011)

·         103.9 Million barrels of petroleum (2011)

o   61.3 Million barrels of gasoline (2011)

·         598,068 Million cubic feet of Natural Gas (2011)

·         30.7 Million Short tons of coal  (2011)

State Government Profile

Governor:  Robert Bentley (R): first term; elected in 2011; Governor is limited to 2 terms



Speaker of the House: Michael Hubbard (R)

Speaker Pro Tempore: Victor Gaston  (R)

President and Presiding Officer of the Senate: Kay Ivey (R)

President Pro Tempore of the Senate: Del Marsh (R)

Bicameral body: Both chambers under Republican control

105 House Members: 66 Republicans, 39 Democrats

35 Senate Members:  23 Republicans, 7 Democrats

Energy Issues

Activities associated with the Conasauga shale play continue to be the focus for state legislative activity.  There has been increased discussion on how to encourage more production and activity in this key region of the state which include a myriad of tax incentives. Although tax incentives are being discussed, nothing of consequence has passed in either chamber of the Alabama legislature. Environmental groups such as the NRDC and Sierra Club have increasingly become more vociferous over what it describes as an end-around to provisions in the NEPA that require environmental impact studies being done on public lands prior to the BLM and Forest Service approving new oil and gas leases. BLM recently proposed to lease over 43,000 acres in Alabama National Forests for oil and gas development. As oil and gas production begins to pick up in key areas of Alabama, this issue will continue to be on the radar screen for the foreseeable future.  Moreover, hydraulic fracturing of coalbeds continues to be in the crosshairs of environmental groups. The introduction of anti-fracking legislation has set alarms off with many independent oil and gas producers as many will undoubtedly begin to prepare for potential legislative remedies by state regulators and legislative initiatives.